Non-Flash Slideshow and Animation Articles Non-Flash Slideshow Non-Flash Video Player Non-Flash Interactive Panels Non-Flash Animation Back to… Website Design Articles Creating a Non-Flash Slideshow the Easy Way Requests for non-Flash slideshows, animations and video players is on the rise. The problem: iOS devices, such as, iPads, iPhones and iPod Touch don’t do Flash! By the way, neither does Windows Phone 7 (7.5), which is what I use and…recommend to my clients. The solution: use one of the new application software to create your non-Flash slideshow masterpiece in HTML5 compliant code. In this example I’ve used Adobe Edge Animate—as of this writing, a preview program; not yet for sale—to create a 5 photo interactive slideshow for a client of mine. A Video Overview: Creating a Non-Flash Slideshow Note: this video is a Flash/non-Flash embedded video—go ahead and try it on your iOS or WP7. This will be covered in another article; bookmark this page, and I’ll put the link here when it’s ready. The best and easiest Web design software for Windows—it’s what I used to create this site. Why not give it a try (30 days free), and if you like it after that, buy it and help support these articles (I make a small commission). Also, I’ll give you free support—after purchase…you can’t beat that! Click here to get your free trial. Once your non-Flash slideshow has been produced, be sure to upload all the production files and folders to the directory where your slideshow will play. You'll also need to place the code on your page where you want it to appear, and some code in the head tag of that same page. The Non-Flash Slideshow in Action
Try it on your iOS or WP7 device. Need help with your website design requirements? Contact Alex
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