Alex Wendell Home Nav Graphic Design Nav Website Design Nav Industrial Design Nav Design Gallery Nav Contact Me Nav Resources All-In-One Design Software Alex Wendell …provides graphic design services  for small and home-based businesses. Clients include: retail sales stores, outdoor adventure guides, authors, educators and more. “All graphic design elements should have visual connection, such as, alignment, proximity and repetition. Contrast is perhaps most important of all; headlines, quotes and sidebars should be clearly defined.” Which Graphic Designs Do You Require? Perhaps you're looking for a logo for your business. Or maybe, you need a complete user manual in PDF form, with illustrations or software snapshots. Whether it's 2D or 3D, drawings or animations…I can do it for you. Free Estimate If you've got a project requirement and need any type of illustration, animation, digital manual or ebook, request a free estimate on the Contact page. Windsurfing Components Illustration Contact Alex Articles The RGB Color Calculator: A Web Page Color Tool Creating a Non-Flash Slideshow the Easy Way Support Contact Alex Remit a Payment Privacy • Terms of Use • © 2002- All rights reserved. Graphic Design Nav